Build Your Audience Like Crazy, Watch Your Business Grow, and Make. That. Bank. all while being you...😀

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, the answer is Yes!

Is waking up every day with an aligned plan your favorite daydream?

Visibility Made Easy will have you saying goodbye to confusion and hello to clarity with our Visibility Made Easy planner! Whether you're just starting out or need a visibility refresh, this planner will take you from feeling lost to making intentional moves toward your big goals. Get ready to shine!

Do you want your life to look like THIS?

  • Customers and sales just falling into your lap…on repeat

  • The “cha-ching!” noise on your phone when you make a sale goes off so often…you have to put it on silent

  • Getting your message out to the people who need it most, and

  • Waking up every morning knowing that today, you’ll make money, make an impact…and have loads of fun.

That life can be yours…through

the Power of Visibility

I’ve poured my heart, soul, and years of expertise into creating a planner that tells you like it is, gives you all the information you need to grow your visibility and leads you by the hand to give you a step-by-step process to grow your visibility and achieve your business goals way faster than you thought possible.

Through Visibility Made Easy, you’ll:

Define your target audience, what

they want, and to find them

Craft the message that will resonate

with the hopes and dreams of your

perfect customers

Set goals and metrics to track

your progress

Plan out the types of content that

resonate with who YOU are, making

your efforts less “work” and more


Create an Action Plan, AND THEN…

Track every single piece of your plan,

goals, and metrics for three whole

months so you can see exactly what

works…and what doesn’t.

Then Rinse and Repeat.

I don’t believe in fluff. So every piece of the Visibility Made Easy Planner is designed to grow your knowledge (what is visibility, anyway?), deepen your understanding of your business and your customers

(oh, that’s what they want!), and help you take action to get the growth, sales, and money that you deserve.

You’re an entrepreneur. So by definition, you have all the bravery, smarts, and savvy you need to take your business from “functionally invisible” to “growing like WHOA.”

All you need is a method.

A proven, repeatable, scalable process that’s taken businesses of all sizes from feeling like they’re yelling into the void…

To results like our client Belldon who, within weeks of working together, went from being unknown to going viral multiple times on social media, to now gaining upwards of 10,000 social media followers a week.

And that method is EXACTLY what you get with the Visibility Made Easy Planner.

"Are you ready to take your visibility to the next level? Join our launch team for the Visibility Made Easy Planner and be the first to get your hands on our revolutionary new product!

Instant Access to the Planner Digital Copy

Physical Copy that will be mailed to you

Access to the Visibility Made Easy Community

“Within 10 minutes, Carrie was able to identify and address and answer a problem and pain point that we had for over 5 years.”


[to the Ghostbusters theme song] If your biz don’t grow…and sales don’t look good…who you gonna call?


Grab Your Copy!

Hello hello my friend! I’m Carrie, a Visibility Coach and Brand Alchemist and the brains behind Visibility Made Easy. Also dog mom to Winston and lover of all things Matcha 🙂.

In my corner of the Digital World, all things are possible. And our dreams and aspirations really do come true. If you catch me on a random day, I’m probably drinking matcha bubble tea, or white wine sangria and working on ways to help impact-driven entrepreneurs elevate their brand through brand clarity, high-quality visual representation & heart alignment.

“Carrie has the ability to create space to make you feel comfortable laying all of your dreams and visions out on the table…and the expertise to arrange it all in a way that you never thought possible.”


Making people feel and see that their missions & messages are special. To see our clients shine their light.

Inspiring others, especially during the hard times, to always remember that they can do hard things and be amazing at the same time.

To make sure they realize that their mission is important, and they should share their message with the world.

My daily goal is simple: To Inspire Others to Elevate and Shine.

That’s why I created this book for you. So you can get out there and SHINE.

You are capable of So. Much. More. than where you are right now.

You can get the word out about your business.

You can blow people’s minds with the message only you can share.

I believe in your purpose, your passion, and your future. You - and your business - were BORN to stand out!

And in Visibility Made Easy, I make it easy for you to get the growth you deserve with a guided, step-by-step process to develop your very own Visibility Plan.

And with that plan, you’ll have a roadmap to achieve your dreams.

Your dreams are calling! What are you waiting for??

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